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3 Easy Ways To Avoid Neck Pain That You Are Not Doing

Neck Strain Cause

A long day at the office, a lengthy conversation on your mobile phone and incorrect sleeping position can all lead to neck pains.

Spine-health gives us some tips on how we can avoid  troubling neck pains. Here are some of the tips that we found useful:

Sleep on your back

Sleeping-on-your-backWe’ve all woken up with a stiff neck before, which is caused by sleeping in an uncomfortable position. Sleeping on your back allows the full spine to rest. Pillow thickness should be between 4-6 inches, otherwise, your pillow will be too thin/too high which can lead to discomfort.





Position your computer screen properly


To reduce neck strain, your computer screen should be placed at eye level. When you sit up straight, you should be staring directly at your screen. When your head is tilted upwards or you’re hunching over your computer, you’re adding strain not only to your back and spine but to your neck as well.

Use a hands-free device

When you need to do something with your hands (eg. type, take notes), you usually end up holding your mobile phone between your ear and shoulders especially during long phone calls. This habit leads to neck strain. Get a headset or a hands-free device to avoid straining your neck muscles.

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