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Knee Pain Treatment Program

“For years, I had pain in both knees. Standing or walking for long periods was out of the question. After these treatments, I do not limp anymore and can definitely tell a difference. The pain is nearly 100% gone. This program is great. I would definitely recommend it to anyone.”

Our advanced knee pain relief program is the product of years of research and study. After thousands of case histories, we believe that we have arrived at the most effective treatment program available for damaged and worn knees. We even have seen considerable success with knee conditions that previously had only surgical options.

knee-pain-causesKnee pain sufferers are a tough group. Most have been dealing with daily pain and discomfort for years. Usually, there is a steady decline in knee condition (and a rise in pain) until finally it cannot be ignored any longer. After waiting so long to seek help, many patients were told they would require knee replacement or other surgery as their only hope.

They come to our program looking for a better option.

Our unique clinical program is a different approach to knee pain. While every case is different, generally we seek results without resorting to pain medications or surgery. We relieve pain by using the body’s natural healing power. A knee that has fully healed naturally is a very favorable outcome from a healthcare standpoint.

After a short treatment program, you could be joining many of our patients who have regained their mobility, full activity levels, and who live free of knee pain.
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Checkmark Return to a more active daily life

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About the Knee Pain Treatment Program

We use the latest advances in 21st century medicine to treat the underlying cause of your knee pain. Instead of masking the pain, we help the body heal itself.

Joint Relubrication

joint-relubricatioinA critical component in restoring proper knee joint function is ensuring that the joint is lubricated. This program often uses a recently developed and clinically proven process that restores the natural joint fluid and relieves pain.

Special Treatments, Equipment, Exercises And Muscle Strengthening

knee-treaatment-equiptmentMost customized treatment programs involve a series of weekly visits to our therapy area. During each visit you will be guided through the steps of your program by trained personnel. These steps may include specialized exercises, stretching, muscle conditioning, treatments using specialized equipment, and/or direct adjustment by a practitioner. As needed we re-evaluate your progress and adjust your program accordingly. The goal of every program is to graduate the patient with the maximum possible improvement.

  • Most insurance is accepted.
  • We are also a Medicare provider.
  • Patient financing available


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