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Take a look at what our patients are saying, We’d love to hear from you!

  • I felt very comfortable and confident that Dr. Rosco can help me thru this.
    -Carol F.
  • The staff was very friendly and helpful, Dr Jon was very professional and informative about the process.
    -Robert W.
  • Dr. Vezendy was so good in explaining what was involved with my knee treatment. His demeanor was very informative and pleasant.
    -Robert M.
  • I am so impressed with this practice. Thanks so much for the care I have been given. I feel so much better!
    -Katrina S.
  • Four treatments in the first week and I’m feeling much better already.
    -Barry B.
  • Totally satisfied with extremely professional staff.
    -Ray T.
  • Dr. Vezendy and staff are very professional and caring. 6 treatments feeling much better.
    -Sylvia S.
  • I am so pleased with my first visit!!! I look forward to fantastic results from Dr V.
    -Carin S.
  • As an athlete, I’m so happy we found Dr. Vezendy. He took time to diagnose my conditions and recommend non invasive treatment that has help get me in tip top shape again. Thank you so much!
    -Aria R.
  • Awesome people that not listen but care for your well being. It’s like a family, caring for each other and each others needs. These are dedicated Doctors that know what they’re doing and their goal is to get you to reach a goal that’s satisfying.
    -David H.
  • Fantastic practice. Dr Vezendy and staff were very helpful and extremely professional. I left feeling that in the next few weeks, after couple sessions, my hip will be great and life does go on!!
    -David J.
  • Everyone was friendly, helpful and informative. I am glad I was referred to your office!
    -Steven C.
  • Dr. Vezendy’s up to date treatment modalities have improved my condition from the very first appointment. I’m confident he will help me achieve the best version possible of good health through chiropractic care. Don’t hesitate to take the first step towards better health. Make. The. Call.
    -Janet B.
  • We love Dr Meri! She has been so wonderful with our 2 year old and has endless patience! We are very thankful for her abilities as a doctor and her bedside manner!
    -Leslie L.

Friendly, Professional, and Very Good

My initial phone contact with your office was very positive. My new patient experience was friendly, professional, and very good. In the future, I am looking forward to excellent treatment to enhance my health and well-being. Thank you!

-Darlene A. (11.03.2022)

Well Thought Out and Conservative Approach

I was nervous going into this, but they put me at ease. Their approach is well thought out and conservative. I am feeling more confident that this treatment is going to benefit my situation and look forward to continuing down the path of recovery.

-Jonathan C. (06.20.2022)

Nice and Professional

Front office staff could not be nicer and more professional. Dr. Vezendy was great and really was focused on my recovery and long-term success. While at times the office was busy, never have felt like just a number...Dr Vezendy and the entire team take their time with you.

-Tom W. (05.18.2022)

Fantastic All Around

The Team at Vezendy Chiropractic was fantastic all around, starting with my initial call into the office . From investigating benefits, to working with my schedule availability, they we accommodating, professional and made my initial appointment set up quick and easy. Dr Vezendy listened intently as I explained areas of unrelieved pain and dysfunction in my body. It was clear from his explanation that he understand my issue from a holistic view point and showed expertise in his field as he talked through a treatment plan. I left hopeful for healing!

-Bridget K. (07.19.21)

Thank You to the Doctor and the Entire Staff

I was traveling from out of state when I hurt my back. I made a phone to the office and they got me in on a Friday at 9:00am. Dr. Vezendy actually was called and asked to come in early which he did. Was taken care of and was able to spend the rest of my time on vacation with very minimal pain. Wish he was located where we lived as I would be a regular patient.

-Joe S. (07.16.20)

Attentive and Personalized Care

I really wasn't sure what to expect. I had been to three different orthopedic offices for my left knee, which is bone on bone, all of whom told me I was too young for a knee replacement and their only advice was to do certain exercises at home. One gave me a cortisone shot which did next to nothing. My mobility was limited and it was hard to walk from my car to my office every day. I wasn't even able to sleep through the night anymore.

I've never responded to an ad on social media before but it piqued my interest so I did some research. I'm so glad that I did! I was very nervous but the staff was so friendly and put me at ease right away. Dr. Vezendy listened to me and had a plan. He asked me what my goals were and explained exactly what treatment there would entail. He didn't make any promises, which was the first thing that made me trust him. At the same time, his experience and optimism made me feel like this could work for me. This is a review of my first visit, but I'm going to cheat and add that I walked out of my first treatment feeling better than I had in the last couple of years.

- Natalie N. (04.20.20)

Very Professional and Caring

This practice is fantastic! Very professional and caring. Dr. Vezendy is outstanding, he truly cares about your well being. After my 1st visit (treatment) I knew I'd be back. He's extraordinary, I'm so thankful I found him.

- Sylvia S. (12.9.19)

Excellent Care And Attention

The best physical exam I have had by any chiropractor. Super impressed with the skills and cool tools used. As a physician, I feel even more confident to refer my patients here and know they will minimize risk of needing surgical interventions. Excellent care and attention.

- Cammy B. (10.21.19)

I'm So Blessed

After having my worst night yet with 6 months of a herniated disc, I wobbled into their office and all the weight and worry was lifted off of me by the end of the visit. Anyone who needs help needs to go see them immediately. I'm so blessed I discovered them!

- Michelle P. (10.14.19)

Beyond Impressed

Beyond impressed with your team! I didn't know what I was missing all this time, but I am glad I contacted you. Looking forward to getting me "straightened out".

- Pat J. (10.4.19)

Very Professional

Joanne in the office was very kind and helpful, looked at me when we were talking, was patient and respectful. Dr. Vezendy was professional, had direct eye contact, listened to my history and concerns, explained diagnosis, treatment modalities and proceeded to provide the first treatment following the examination. It was very clear what the plan was and what my role was in this partnership of healing.

- Cheryl B. (10.4.19)

Very Patient

I always have many questions and appreciate the well-thought answers. Dr. Vezendy is very patient and helps me understand how different treatments help me get better. Thank you.

- Caroline B. (5.31.18)

Tremendous Improvement

After living in pain from an auto accident for 6-7 years, I found myself unable to function! I had seen other "professionals" for treatment, but none initiated my visits with x-rays or any competent inquiries. Most treated me as though I were doctor shopping for drugs, trying to get money from the insurance or as if they just didn't care. When my health had deteriorated to the point that I had no choice but to seek medical attention, two separate co-workers recommended Dr. Vezendy, so I decided to call for an appointment.More from Grace…»

Found him & his staff knowledgeable, competent, respectful, and helpful. My pain level, my ability to function, as well as my overall health have improved tremendously in the course of my treatments...for which I am extremely grateful!! I would highly recommend them to anyone!

- Grace J. (2.11.18)

Could Barely Walk

You can't believe after 2 visits how it is changing how I get through a 14 to 20 hour day. I could barely walk it hurt so bad (knees -back- neck). I'm a heavy fab welder and overweight. Doc Jon has got a good direction for me. When I have more time I want to say more but right now Thank you Doc Scott & Joe Anna

- BIG A. (9.22.17)

Skeptic, Back Pain, Weight Loss

I was somewhat skeptical about Dr. Vezendy being able to treat the pain I had been experiencing for so many years. However, when I began the treatment he and his staff were very serious about making me well. In just a short time, I am pain-free and nearly forty pounds less than I was when I began being treated. Thank you Dr. Vezendy and Staff.

- J.T. Smith (6.8.16)

Very Pleased

Very pleased with the first visit. On time and everyone pleasant and seemed to be engaged in their job and meeting my expectations.

- Patrick C.

Pleasant Staff

I was helped considerably on this my first visit, which I greatly appreciated. Dr. Vezendy apparent expertise made me very hopeful. Everyone on his staff with whom I came in contact was also very pleasant and that means a lot for a new patient.

- Judy K.

Alternative To Cervical Spine Surgery

I'm very happy I chose Vezendy Chiropractic as an alternative to cervical spine surgery. Some improvement has been accomplished in 3 visits and I am confident that surgery can now be avoided. Thanks Jon!

- Tony H.

Assured Me

I really felt welcomed by the entire staff. Dr. Vezendy made me feel very comfortable with treatments and adjustments, considering I am pregnant I was wanting to make sure everything was safe for my baby. He assured me everything was. I'm extremely happy with my overall experience.

- Nicole C.

Renewed Well Being

I'm thankful to be in such compassionate, therapeutic and professional care for bringing my body into a happy working union of all parts for the good of my whole body. Thankfully each visit gives me more insight as to what's happening to my body as well as what needs to happen as I get a release from pain and body-groaning dysfunction. When I leave the office I'm walking straighter in a renewed well-being state of mind and body. THANK YOU!

- Carol W.

Dr. Vezendy and Tina are rock stars

Dr. Vezendy is so awesome and always shows genuine interest in how I'm doing. He has been wonderful, always so kind in answering my emails as well as questions in the office, never making me feel rushed to see other patients. I will miss him and Tina when I move. Both are rock stars. I've seen a lot of chiropractors in my many different states I've lived and this is by far my favorite office. Thanks for everything guys.

- Kimberly S.

Saw me on a weekend

You were so great to see me on a weekend and on short notice when I was in such pain. Even though it ended up being my gallbladder instead of my back, I wouldn't hesitate to come back for future adjustments and to recommend you to others based on my experience. Thanks again.

- Tamara T.

Their kindness and passion for healing and wellness is extraordinary.

I would like to share my experience with Vezendy Chiropractic Office in Cornelius, NC. My fiancée and I visit the office at least once a week for well visits. I have previously had two herniated disks episodes with a previous employer that caused me to be out of work and took months to recuperate and get back to normal. Not long ago, I picked something up incorrectly and herniated my disc again. I could not move and was in a great deal of pain.More from Gina …»

The next day, I called Dr. Vezendy's office and Tina got me right in for an appointment. Over the course of a week, I went in everyday and Dr. Vezendy adjusted me. By the beginning of the next week, I was able to go back to work. This was crucial because I am self-employed and depend on my income. I am so grateful to Dr. Vezendy and his staff for all they have done and continue to do. Their kindness and passion for healing and wellness are extraordinary.

- Gina K.

I feel relaxed with him

My name is Sherry and I decided to come to see Dr. Vezendy after being involved in a major car accident six months ago.  I was hit directly by an oncoming truck on my driver's side door while my car was in motion.  I continually suffered for six months in pain while trying to find a treatment that would work for me.  I tried pain relievers, physical therapy, and other chiropractors, but found no relief from the pain that had now progress to being excruciating. More from Sherry C…»

Right away I knew that Dr. Vezendy was different from my previous chiropractors.  The staff treated me exceptionally well and made it clear to me that they were definitely in the business to help their patients.  The neck pain eventually dissolved and when I thought that it couldn't get any better, it did!  Being a woman I thought that I may be uncomfortable being treated by a male doctor, but that was not the case at all.  From the beginning, I have felt relaxed with him, because I know he truly cares about me.  Dr. Vezendy and his staff have become like family to me. I will always continue to speak highly of Dr. Vezendy and recommend them to people.

- Sherry C.

Professional Staff

Vezendy Chiropractic has cared for our family for many years.  Dr. Vezendy and his professional staff go above and beyond to ensure a good experience and outcome from the care you receive.  They do their best to help you understand all about chiropractic and how it can help you. There were times I called Dr. Vezendy after office hours to receive care and his response was always pleasant.  He's committed to providing care when it's needed even if the office is already closed.
More from Sherrie K…»

The open office environment also gives you the confidence that you're receiving the best care possible. It's a positive environment which is essential in the healing process. Our family would recommend Dr. Vezendy to friends and family.

- Sherrie K.

Lost 85 lbs!

I originally came to see Dr. Vezendy for sciatic pain that I had been suffering with for approximately 5 years.  I was frustrated with the ongoing pain which reduced focus on work, and productivity with life in general.  I used 4 Chiropractors before being referred to Dr. Vezendy.
More from Ann H…»

I wish I would have found him first.  Since Dr. Vezendy was able to help me to feel better, I was able to concentrate. Through his constant encouragement on healthy aspects of my life, I was able to lose 85 lbs and become very physically active.  I am constantly learning from Dr. V about healthy living and how I can incorporate that into the positive changes I continue to make in my life.  Since I have lost weight, exercise regularly, and don't have the sciatic pain shooting down my legs, I feel great!      

- Ann H.

Like no other Medical Office

When I came to see Dr. Vezendy, my primary complaint was numbness and tingling in the hands and feet for approximately 6 months.  It was causing problems at work and making normal activities more difficult.  After seeing several doctors and being tested for just about everything, I still had no answers .  Dr. Vezendy was able to eliminate the symptoms in only a few visits.  Vezendy Chiropractic is truly like no other medical office I have been to.
More from Tara F. …»

The entire staff takes the initiative to get to know you.  Dr. Vezendy goes through every detail and educates you not only on the immediate problem, but sets you on a course to alter your lifestyle in order to avoid future problems.  At Vezendy Chiropractic, you feel like a person and not just the next patient who walks through the door.

- Tara F.

Simple Changes

I have been experiencing neck and shoulder discomfort and Dr. Vezendy offered to provide an assessment of my workstation.  He made several recommendations involving simple changes I could make to improve my posture and use of my workstation.  After implementing these changes, I have noticed marked improvement with my discomfort.  As I continue to make these changes permanent, I foresee continued improvement and increased range of motion, an increased ability to perform the duties of my job, and shorter recovery periods for any future issues.

- Steve W.

Know what they are doing

It's nice to know a doctor who really cares. Everyone at Vezendy Chiropractic cares and that makes one of the greatest differences in care. When you feel the doctor and staff know what they are doing and care about your health you seem to make a faster healing process. I have been going only a short time but I can already feel a great difference. When I went in I could hardly move my neck now I can turn it again with ease. They are a great caring staff and definitely know what they are doing. I would and have recommended them to a lot of my friends and if I didn't believe in what they were doing for me I wouldn't tell anyone.

- Meachel S.

Great Results

Knowing I sit at a desk for 9 hours every day, Doc recently took the time to come to my office and ensure my work space was set up properly.  I knew it wasn't right, but couldn't figure out what changes were the RIGHT changes to make.  Doc suggested a number of adjustments, one of which was as simple as putting a pillow on the top of the chair back - and now I feel so much better!  I've had such great results, my husband, my sister, and her entire family now go to Dr. Vezendy for regular adjustments and overall healthcare.  We're all very thankful we chose Dr. Vezendy for our chiropractic care.

- Camerone C.

No need for Sleep Medication

Since becoming a patient of Dr. Vezendy, I have had little to none of the symptoms that I had complained about at my initial consultation.  I have had no need for sleep medication in the past 2 months!  And, I have regained a ½" of height!  I am very satisfied with my results and would recommend Vezendy Chiropractic Clinic to family, friends, and future acquaintances.

- Alan K.

Dramatic improvement

I came to Dr. V for severe shoulder and arm pain which no other health care providers were able to help.  The pain lasted 3 months and I finally came to see Dr. V. and since then there has been a dramatic improvement.  I feel so much better I have begun exercising and have quit smoking, something I haven't been able to do for 8 years.  I would recommend Dr. V.

- Debbie S.

My life is totally different!

I had suffered a racquet ball accident over 25 years ago which caused severe lower back pain.  I could not sit or stand for more than fifteen minutes at a time and was experiencing crippling pain and stiffness when lying down, as well.  Every morning I woke up with a sore back and had extreme difficulty getting out of bed without assistance.  My life was being affected by this injury.  I could not enjoy the everyday activities of running and playing with my children as they grew up, due to the pain. I suffered for over 25 years and exhausted all available treatments I thought were available for an injury of this magnitude.More from Joyce …»

I tried going to orthopedic surgeons, neurologists, physical therapy, and prescription medications.   After every attempt at treatment, I never experienced any long-term relief from my back pain.  I decided to try Chiropractic care and was very impressed upon my initial visit with the honesty of the treatment expectations given to me.

As I started regular care with Dr. Vezendy he and his staff became a second family to me.  They were always so kind and understanding.  What I liked most about the care I received was how quickly the symptoms began to disappear and the relief from pain that I had been searching for, for so many years.  I noticed so many changes in my life.  I used to suffer headaches and sinusitis on a weekly basis. I have not experienced a headache since I began treatment and have only had one episode with my sinuses bothering me, but they never became infected and cleared within a few days.

My life is totally different!  I can exercise again and am able to get out of bed in the morning with no pain.  For the first time in 25 years I am able to function normally again in life.  As a school counselor, the first time I was able to stand the entire time of a parent education session I cried!  As a mother, the first time I was able to stand with my husband and the other team parents to watch my son's entire soccer game I also cried!  I feel like I have been given my life back; something I never thought I'd have again.  I recommend chiropractic care with Dr. Vezendy to anyone who has ever experienced pain.  My sincere thanks and appreciation go to Dr. Vezendy for doing what no one else could.

-Joyce S.

Noticed an improvement in my immune system

I came to see Dr. Vezendy because of a lessened quality of life due to spinal meningitis in December 2002.  I was lethargic and got sick about every eight weeks due to my weakened immune system.  Last week I noticed I was exposed to 3 different people who had a cold or a fever; for the first time in two years I did not get sick from my exposure to these people.  After care with Dr. Vezendy I have noticed an improvement in my immune system that was noticeable to a degree that I was not sure would ever be achievable.

- Meredith W.

Genuine Concern

Dear Doctor Vezendy,

Thank you so much for showing genuine concern and yet professional care that you have and still are providing for myself and my daughter.  Katie suffered a stroke in uterine sometime in the last trimester of my pregnancy leaving her with cerebral palsy and without the use of her left hand and her left foot drags when walking. She is my love and I have seen many doctors trying to find one that has a genuine concern for her future.  Every avenue we walked always ended the same she would need to wear braces for the rest of her life and that was all they could offer. More from Deborah M.…»

That was not acceptable. I heard your presentation about spinal health and how it affects every part of our life.  A small spark of hope was born that minute and I brought her into your office.  From the first minute we walked in I knew this was going to be a life-changing event for Katie, and it has.  I knew that Katie was leaning more to one side and she walked almost sideways.  She also had been complaining of hip pain constantly.  I thought it was growing pains.

She has responded so well to your care that I intend to make it a part of her life as long as I can; hopefully, when she is older she will see how important it is for her health.  She walks with a near normal gate now and she is not wearing a brace.  She is standing taller and singing with a much richer soundShe is even able to wear flip flops around the home which she has never been able to do, that alone has given her a much-needed esteem boost.  She feels like life is not such a challenge.

I can tell you that we have a new found hope that is coming to fruition in front of our eyes and the future for Katie is going to be much healthier because of your genuine love to help others have a healthier life.  I am forever grateful and thankful that you have proved to me that there is always hope and to keep on. We consider you an angel because of your touch that God has done through you in our lives.

- Deborah M.

I went from being disabled to pain free

The most significant health decision I have made in 30 years was to seek Chiropractic Care.  A shoulder problem that I have had for 34 years, appeared to be a spine alignment problem.  In the ten weeks that I received care from Dr. Vezendy, I went from being disabled to pain free!  These are unbelievable results.  Dr. Vezendy educates about the spine as well as overall health.  He is on a mission to improve health and he will.

- James C.

My health is better and my day is easier

After visiting Dr. Vezendy, I noticed a Big Change in the way I felt.  I had Chronic Pain in my upper back and neck.  Also, after having seen him, I had a change in my Blood Pressure.  I have had two years of unexplained high blood pressure, and within two weeks of care from Dr. Vezendy, it has returned to normal! I feel that my health is better and my day is easier due to Dr. Vezendy's help.  Thank you so much!

- Tonya G.

Overall my experience with Chiropractic was great!

I must admit before I began receiving Chiropracitc Care I was very skeptical, I had always thought the pain I dealt with every day was just a sign of aging, and that nothing could be done about it.  I suffered from low back pain and primarily neck pain, which hampered my ability to move freely and do the things I love, such as playing sports, yard work, and even feeling good enough to workout. After speaking with Dr. Vezendy, and asking a ton of questions, I decided to give chiropractic a chanceMore from Michael W…»

Within one week I noticed a dramatic difference in regards to my range of motion and ability to wake in the morning feeling good.  Dr. Vezendy also holds Spinal Care Classes periodically to educate his patients (or anyone) on their spinal care and overall health.  I learned that everything from sciatica (leg pain) to reoccurring headaches and sinus problems could be helped by chiropractic.

More importantly, I learned about what was causing my pain and how to treat the cause and not just the symptoms. Overall my experience with Chiropractic was great!  Dr. Vezendy and his staff are friendly, honest and informative.  I would recommend him to anyone who is interested in being and feeling healthy.  You owe it to yourself.

-Michael W.

Much less pain

Hi, my name is Michael and I decided to come and see Dr. Vezendy after suffering for more than 15 years with severe, sometimes incapacitating back pain.  The pain was mostly in my lower back and hips, but sometimes it involved my upper back and neck.  I had been unsuccessful in my attempts with treatments by two orthopedic surgeons, seven different Chiropractors, and prescription medications.  Since starting regular care with Dr. Vezendy I have much less pain, usually none at all.

More from Michael S…»

I am more flexible and am once again able to pick up objects, some over 20 lbs., with ease.  I have enjoyed being treated by a knowledgeable doctor and staff that really cares.  I frequently recommend Dr. Vezendy to others and tell them that I believe this is the best place to go for treatment and advice on spinal care and problems.  I also think it is great help for health in general.  I trust Dr. Vezendy's advice on vitamins, diet, health, exercise, etc.

- Michael S.

I feel Really good

After suffering from neck, shoulder pain, and sinus problems for two to three years, I decided to try Chiropractic.  This was my first time ever going to a Chiropractor.  I was really amazed.  I thought they only helped people with backaches.  I am steadily improving and no longer have any sinus headaches.  I feel really good.   The doctor and staff here are wonderful.  They make me feel like family.

- Juanita B.

Friendly Clinic

Love your clinic and the Doctor. Everyone is so helpful, friendly, and I love it!

- Leslie P.

Great Visit

Great first visit to a Chiropractor!

- Chuck T.

Nice Staff

Staff & Dr.V were so nice & I feel so much better just after one visit. Thank you!

- Jodi H.

So far I have absolutely enjoyed my experience and am looking forward to seeing how chiropractic treatments can help correct my issues and reduce and/or remove my pain!

- Brian H.

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