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Can Chiropractic Treatment Reverse Heart Diseases?


Middle Aged Man Restores Hearth Health

A 54-year-old man who had heard that chiropractic adjustment can lower cholesterol decided to give it a try. When he knocked at the chiropractor’s door, he was taking 10 types of medicines and had extremely high levels of cholesterol, triglycerides, LDL and HDL. He had also had a heart attack and an angioplasty, and he was considered a “high risk” patient.

He walked into the chiropractor’s office with the hope of getting rid of the huge amount of medication he had to take for his condition. After only six months of chiropractic treatment, his lipid profile reached normal limits, and his general state of health improved significantly. It is also worth mentioning that the man did not change anything else in his daily routine (exercise, diet) – all the improvements recorded were solely due to the chiropractic care he was receiving.

Health Professionals Agree

Dr. Nate Blume, the man’s chiropractor, explains that even the slightest disorder in the spinal alignment can cause several other disorders. One such disorder is nerve interference, which messes up the whole body’s homeostatic mechanism. Once the mechanism is thrown off the track, a series of problems can occur.

Dr. Matthew McCoy, another chiropractor, is talking about the implications of interfering with the neurological structures in the spine. Any damage to the neurological structures or interference with them can have negative effects on the well functioning of the body. Research has proved that fixing the misalignments correlated with spinal problems causes less nerve interference and general improvement in the state of the patients.

What Matters Most

The key is to find exactly what causes the cardiovascular disease and then start from there. One cause could be vertebral sub-luxations, as in the case of the aforementioned patient. The term describes spinal misalignments and unusual motion of the spine. Vertebral sub-luxations result in neurological and structural interference to the nervous system and the spine. This interference can lead to several neuro-endocrine events that can further lead to uncommon cholesterol metabolism. The study states that, once these distortions are fixed, all the problems that occur from them should be solved as well.

The patient under discussion was diagnosed with vertebral sub-luxations in his neck, sacrum and pelvis. After the six months of chiropractic treatment, besides a significant improvement in his HDL, LDL and cholesterol levels, the man also recorded a positive change in his overall physical and mental health.

Further studies in a controlled environment are needed to support this case, but the authors are confident, as this case is not singular. Many other chiropractors have discovered the positive effects chiropractic adjustments can have on those dealing with heart disease risk factors. More and more pertinent studies are published on the subject.

Probably one worthy of the most attention is that published in the “Journal of Human Hypertension” and aired on “Good Morning America”. It was a 100-person pilot study that had astonishing results. The study proved that the effect of two pills for normalizing blood pressure was equaled by a single upper cervical chiropractic adjustment.


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