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How Texting Is Causing Permanent Damage To Your Spine

Brand-new research conducted by Kenneth K. Hansraj, Md Chief Of Spine Surgery New York Spine Surgery & Rehabilitation Medicine In New York provides conducted a study about the detrimental relationship between texting and your spine health.

This study confirms what chiropractors have known for a number of years and states.

“Billions of people are using cell phone devices on the planet, essentially in poor posture. The purpose of this study is to assess the forces incrementally seen by the cervical spine as the head is tilted forward, into worsening posture.”

The adult head weighs in at about 10 lbs. As people tend to look down when they are texting they are putting more stress on the muscles in the neck to support an increasing amount of weight as seen in the chart below.


Dr. Hansraj’s study titled “Assessment of Stresses in the Cervical Spine Caused by Posture and Position of the Head” provides good evidence that looking down at a cellular phone is the equivalent of positioning a 60-pound weight on one’s neck.

That’s the about the same weight as 4 adult sized bowling balls.


“These stresses,” Dr. Hansraj states “may lead to early wear, tear, degeneration, and possibly surgeries.” So the next time you are tempted to slouch over to text try to keep your phone as close to eye level as possible.

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