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How to Strengthen Your Spine

This article on CNN written by Dr. Kenneth Hansraj reminds us of the things that we need to do to take better care of our spine:

Here are some techniques mentioned:

  1. Maintain good posture. Notice how you use your smartphone and the neck strain that comes with frequent phone. When you observe proper posture, you are also lessening spinal stress.
  2. Exercise your joints using simple stretches. Do neck stretches, a series of neck bends, and shoulder exercises. You can also lift light weights and practice yoga to further stretch your joints and help improve your posture.
  3. Notice how (and how long) you sleep. Lack of sleep contributes to neck and back pains so strive to get a complete 6-8hr of sleep each night. Also pay attention to how you sleep. The best position that relaxes the spine is sleeping on your side.

Article source article here:

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