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Non-Surgical Knee Treatment Program

Vezendy Chiropractic Announces The Treatment of Knees

Successfully treating patients without requiring knee replacement surgery, Vezendy Chiropractic’s  advanced non-surgical knee treatment program helps patients by reducing knee pain and increasing flexibility.

Charlotte, NC, September 1, 2015 – Vezendy Chiropractic, the renowned chiropractic clinic in the northern Charlotte Lake Norman area, recently announced the successful treatment of a patient’s severe knee pain without resorting to knee replacement surgery. The clinic’s use of knee replacement surgery alternatives has made it possible for the patient to experience up to 90% improvement, and in many cases ongoing treatments further improvements to reduce the pain, tingling and numbness common with peripheral neuropathy.

I have been seeing several orthopedic doctors with basically no results, and the only thing I had to look forward to was probable knee replacement surgery in the future, who had experienced knee pain for years. But since seeing Dr. Vezendy, I have improved my life and gave me more flexibility and much less knee pain than I was experiencing before. I would say it’s approximately 85 t0 90 percent improvement. J.D. Ryan

Non-Surgical Approach

The Vezendy Chiropractic Clinic uses non-surgical options for knee replacement surgery, such as Joint Relubrication, specialized exercises, stretching, muscle conditioning, treatments using specialized equipment and/or direct adjustment by a practitioner. Improvements can be experienced from initial visits.

“Millions of people are needlessly suffering every day with preventable knee pain and nerve damage ,” says Dr. Vezendy, who oversees all the treatments at the clinic. In knee surgery, it’s possible that complications such as infections may occur in the wound from the surgery, and this may happen even years after the operation. A major infection may require even more surgery.

“Our chiropractic treatments are designed to minimized and even avoid possible risks from knee replacement surgery,” asserts Dr. Vezendy.

The Vezendy Chiropractic Clinic uses the latest advances in 21st century medicine to treat the underlying cause of your knee pain. Instead of masking the pain, we help the body heal itself.

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