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Peripheral Neuropathy Testimonial | Foot Pain and Numbness

Peripheral Neuropathy

Peripheral neuropathy also called peripheral neuritis is weakness, numbness, and pain from nerve damage, usually in the hands and feet. There are over 3 million people a year who experience this condition. Pat just happened to be one of those. Like most cases pat had symptoms including pain, pins-and-needles sensation, numbness, and weakness. He required a cane to move about, which limited his mobility and quality of life. We are so grateful for the opportunity to give Pat some pain relief and recuperation towards better health. According to the Mayo Clinic, people who suffer from Peripheral neuropathy Can have no symptoms, but people may experience the following:

  • Pain: can occur at night, in the back, face, foot, hands, or thigh, can be burning and tingling or sharp
  • Sensory: numbness, over sensitivity, pins and needles, sensitivity to pain, or uncomfortable tingling and burning
  • Muscular: difficulty walking, muscle weakness, problems with coordination, or loss of muscle
  • Whole body: poor balance or weakness
  • Also common: apprehension, blister, burning sensation, callus, cramping, slow reflexes, tingling feet, or tingling fingers

Please don’t hesitate to contact our office if you feel some of these same symptoms. Like most health issues early treatment offers the fastest recovery.

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