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RockTape, a Patient Favorite

Written by Dr. Meri Rosco

RockTape, a premium brand of kinesiology tape, has quickly become a patient favorite. We use it to treat all different conditions including sports and non-sports related injuries. It helps to decrease inflammation, support joints, correct posture, activate or inhibit muscles.

Kinesiology tape was developed by a Japanese chiropractor in the 1970s. Dr. Kenzo Kase noticed that after taping his patients with traditional medical tape, they would return to him with more pain and more inflammation. He then came to the discovery that he needed to create a tape that was more flexible, breathable and reduced inflammation. Hence, kinesiology tape was born!

It started gaining recognition in the 1980s and was even used by a few athletes in the 1988 Olympics. It wasn’t until the 2008 Olympics, however, that kinesiology tape really took off. Over 50,000 rolls of kinesiology tape was donated to all 58 countries competing in the Olympics that year. The tape gained worldwide recognition as well as much appreciation from the athletes as it helped soothe their tight and overused muscles.

Patients have told us that they feel stronger, looser and even invincible with the RockTape application. Ask us on your next visit if kinesiotape is right for you or text your question to (704) 286-0404.


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