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Simple Exercise for Knee Pain Relief


It’s amazing how fast a body can break down. Add to this, how long people tend to over look their own body’s process of breaking down. Busy lives are an incredible distraction from this process which evolves over time from a slight irritation to a chronic debilitating condition. Neck, shoulders, lower back, knees and ankles take so little effort to injure. Mostly because we tend to ignore the small injuries and don’t realize their repetition add up over time to larger chronic pain problems.

In addition to proper evaluation and care there are a number of complimentary at home exercises you can do to help strengthen high risk pain areas. Today’s simple exercise is the strap stretch or beginners hamstring stretch.

Beginner: Strap Stretch

  1. Lying on back, raise left leg and place the center of a yoga strap around arch of left foot.
  2. Keeping right leg on floor, slowly extend left leg toward the ceiling, or as high as you comfortably can. Don’t yank on the strap or allow right leg to lift off the floor.
  3. Hold for 8 breaths; repeat on other side.

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