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Vitamin K Could Save your Life

Written by Dr. Meri Rosco

Vitamin K2 is not found in sufficient quantities in the Western diet, which makes it one of the most important dietary supplements on the market. The average American takes in only about 24 mcg of Vitamin K2 on a daily basis, and yet research shows that at least 300 mcg daily is required for the biggest health benefit.

Vitamin K2 plays many life-saving roles including removing calcium from the arteries, which will prevent the formation of plaque. It increases insulin secretion and sensitivity. This is important because decreased insulin sensitivity and / or production is a main cause of diabetes type 2. With over 10% of the US population suffering from diabetes, vitamin K should be in the spotlight of essential supplements. In addition to improving the effectiveness of insulin, K2 also reduces blood glucose levels, decreases visceral body fat (fat around the belly) and can increase testosterone levels in males.

Vitamin K2 supports healthy cell turnover and mitochondrial function, which means the cells will function properly leading to improved energy levels and decreased risk of disease. Vitamin K2 has been shown to inhibit both hormone-dependent and hormone-independent tumor growth as well as prevent bone mineral density loss, especially in older women. When K2 removes the calcium from arteries and soft tissues, it delivers it back to where it belongs, into the bones.

The K2 products that are preferred by the healthcare team of Vezendy Chiropractic have been shown to increase energy levels by 40-50%, increase cardiac output by 12%, extend duration of peak fitness by 20-30%, improve aerobic capacity at the cellular level and increase efficiency in training and sports performance. The effects of 8 weeks of supplementation with this product has been described as being equivalent to 6 months of high intensity interval training.

If you are considering taking vitamin K, make sure to speak with your licensed and supplement knowledgeable healthcare provider first. If you currently taking Coumadin, warfarin or have a factor V leiden mutation, you should make sure that your physician recommends a product that is safe for you and one that does not contain vitamin K1.

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